Project Silence – One Way To Hell

Releasedate: 2013
By: Sabine van Gameren

Project Silence is a Finnish formation making Industrial. They formed in 2008 and released their album “424” about a year ago. Now they return with a brand new single called: “One Way To Hell”.

While in the previous release of the band we could sometimes find a little chaos, the band now seem to have straighten it more out. Of course a two track release is a bit short to give such a statement, but with the tracks presented you could notice that they seem to pull it all a bit tighter than before. Chaos is part of them, but in a different way than we meant that before and it is great to see they have brought themselves to a more controlled composition that has a straight direction.
The first track “One Way To Hell” has the combination of brutality and catchy tunes that capture your attention. Towards the end there is an explosion of energy coming out and when that is over you are not really left alone with it as the second track is one that advances on it quite well. Perhaps a little less catchy but more one to actually listen to.

An interesting single that shows this band did some steps forward and perhaps a new full length will be of your interest after listening to this one. For us it did enlarge our interest to that at least.

Line Up:
Delacroix – Vocals, programming, keyboards
Mr. Sanderz – Guitar
J – Guitar
Silve_R – Drums
Sturmpanzerjäger – Bass

01. One Way To Hell
02. Death and Madness

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07 January 2014