In Silentio Noctis – Disenchant the Hypocrites

Releasedate: 05-08-2013; Label: My Kingdom Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

In Silentio Noctus is a Finnish band making Symphonic Black Metal. Their debut album “Through Fragments of Christianity” was released in 2013. This year the band returns with a new release called: “Disenchant the Hypocrites”.

The previous release was far from loved by us. A band that sounds more like musicians that did not seem to work together very well. In 2011 the band broke up and that did not surprise us at all. Vocalist Armi decided to get a whole new line up and move on. A wise decision as the current line up sound much more like they are a good team to work with. “Disenchant the Hypocrites” shows a band which has a good balance between the instruments and the vocals, Symphonical it is. It does still not cover the load to add Black Metal to that, but let’s get beyond that. Three long tracks are giving the band the opportunity to show a a new side of themselves and surely succeed with that. Armi’s voice stands out in a better way and the instruments are bringing some of the vehemence in it.

It is good to see that Armi is back with a better line-up. With this EP there is much more potential in this formation and hopefully they will be able to make a full length as well.

Line up:
Armi Päivinen – Vocals
Aleski Ahokas – Bass
Veikko Ringvall – Drums
Tuomas Leskinen – Guitars
Samuli Reinikainen – Guitars

01. Chapter I – The Pit
02. Chapter II – Of Deception
03. Chapter III – Haunted

In Silentio Noctis Official

29 August 2013