[Ówt Krì] – The New Seed

Releasedate: 24-06-2013; Label: Alreon Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

A project called [Ówt Krì], origin in Helsinki (Finland), is releasing an album called “The New Seed”. The project started in 2005 and is all about experimental and ambient sounds.

The inspiration for this release have been take from everyday life and all that passes in it. And as life is, it comes with beautiful and wonderful moments as well as it knows darker sides and evil. “The New Seed” truly matches that. It all starts calmly as in the creation of some new life. This mood goes on for a while when somewhere during the second song, the title track, a bit of a change comes in. A different mood, more lively with an overall positive vibe. Then after that it becomes a bit more dramatic in “On Hostile Ground” which the title may have hinted you to also. Vocals come in and create an almost claustrophobic anxiety when walls and sound come closer to you on all sides. But if you had thought this was the end of all the creepiness, the next track brings you the devil, a mean bully teasing you, running after you maybe a long chase. The enlightment comes with “Dance in Silence” in which you get transferred to calmer places. If you expected to have an easy ride, you may be caught in an emotional rollercoaster where highs and low can come faster than you expect.

“The New Seed” drags you through different moods and atmospheres, all gets summarized in the last track “The Sirens Call” which maybe ends a bit abrupt. A dreamy album that you could listen to and feel your own interpretation of it as you please.

01. Deep South
02. The New Seed
03. On Hostile Ground
04. Abandoned Path
05. Dance In Silence
06. We Sleep Forever
07. Confrontations
08. Ocean Hymn
09. Darker Sensation
10. The Sirens Call

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30 June 2013