Project Silence – 424

Releasedate: 2012
By: Sabine van Gameren

Project Silence is a Finnish formation making Industrial. They formed in 2008 and recently released their album “424”.

In this release you can find different styles. Sometimes it tends to Aggrotech, think Hocico, and then the band goes more to typical Industrial Metal. Maybe Deathstars in there, however the band still keeps a bit of a different approach. Then can bring you a track to dance to in a club but then you are listening to a track which includes a guitar solo that you like to give your fullest attention. Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge to find a binding factor in these tracks but eventually you will find it by the vocals. The sound of Delacroix has something recognizable that comes forward everywhere. It seems a bit like the band is still searching for what their eventual sound is going to end up like, this album being a collection of their diversity it may not be the one that convinces someone to keep following, such a shame as the individual tracks can present you good moments. “Everything” for example. A strong track that has character, but also “My Reality” which is instrumentally the strongest track on this release perhaps.
“424” may be a bit chaotic, but it surely has good tracks. When the guys bring it more into one line they will present a killer release for sure.

Delacroix – Vocals, programming, keyboards
Mr. Sanderz – Guitar
J – Guitar
Silve_R – Drums
Sturmpanzerjäger – Bass

01. 424
02. Pressure__Revolution
03. Stardancer (Raven’s Whore)
04. Keeper
05. My Reality
06. Alone (Crushed by Your Lies)
07. Beast
08. Sky, Space and Twilight Zone
09. Cage of Hate
10. Everything
11. Outro

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17 February 2013