Nahemah – A New Constellation

Releasedate: 25-05-2009; Label: Lifeforce Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Nahemah is a progressive death metal band coming from Spain. The band formed in 1997 and just released their fourth album “A New Constellation” via Lifeforce Records.
First thing that comes up when hearing the album is the amazing job done by vocalist Pablo Egido. He uses various vocal styles. The album contains clean vocals and some raspy death metal vocals. Clean vocals are preciously done, sounding better than anyone would suspect.

The melodious part of the music gets stronger by the guitars and not to forget the drums who perfectly match in the sound.
Some songs are quite light, and when you want to get the essence out of those it requires your fullest attention, headphones and concentration. But the feeling that the music is in you when doing so is a part that Nahemah makes strong. This is music to listen to, not really for entertainment during other things. A link to post rock is surely to be made here.
At some point songs could have been a bit more varied perhaps. A song like “’The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids” is one that comes at a point when you think that you heard this already, a this might be the biggest trap for the album. But when you hold on and come to “Under The Mourning Rays” you will a interesting riff halfway the song that makes you wonder how it ended up there. Suits well!

Overall the album is one to remember. One to listen with care, keep in mind and make sure you miss out on the next release. This band has the potential to grow big and with “A New Constellation” they did a nice step in the right direction.

Line Up:
Pablo Egido – Vocals
Paco Porcel – Bass
Miguel Palazon – Guitars
Rob Marco – Guitars

1. Much Us
2. Absynthe
3. Follow Me
4. Reaching The Stars
5. The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids
6. Air
7. Under The Mourning Rays
8. The Trip
9. Smoke’s Men
10. Outer

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06 June 2009