Naer Mataron – Long Life Death

Releasedate: 06-07-2012; Label: Witching Hour Productions
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Greek formation Naer Mataron is known for making Black Metal since 1993. The past couple of years it was relatively quiet around them, but this year the band releases their sixth full length studio album.

The band has short intro at this album, pretty much the silence before the storm. Quite deep vocals come from this formation, often hinting that the band got some inspiration from other genres also and accompanied with a blast beat the band reaches quite a decent tempo. The sound gets filled with some guitars that have some strong riffs and it must be said that some innovation in the sounds spices up the tracks a lot. The trio has created some diversity into their sound by playing around with the tempo, but mainly keeps it on a decent speed. Good said the band brings a bit of a new touch, the good old connection with the familiar Black Metal sound is never lost. Enough recognizable elements, but spiced up with a Naer Mataron’s own elements. “Long Life Death“ is an album that puts a smile on your face. It brings good quality music and will surely entertain Black Metal listeners as well as those who are more into other scenes. That’s how wide you can take it.

Line Up:
Kaiadas – bass, vocals
Indra – guitars
Asmodeus – drums

01. Long Live Death (Intro)
02. Apocalypse Of The Ancient One
03. Sleepless Beings
04. I Am Lucifer, Messenger Of Your Death
05. Goat Worship
06. Faceless Wrath Of Oblivion
07. Parade Into Centuries
08. Whisper Of Begotten Premonition
09. The Cult Of Doom And Dagger
10. Ode To Death (The Way Of All Flesh)

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19 August 2012