Pandemonium – Misanthropy

Releasedate: 2012; Label: Pagan Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Although the band had some name changing going on through the years, Pandemonium has its origin in 1990. The Polish Black Metal Formation comes with their fourth full length release under this name and it is called “Misanthropy”.

Pandemonium equals raw, filthy metal that knows no mercy for the weak hearted. Quite thick sound, having their bass upfront and with the filth added by vocalist Paul it results in a heavy chaotic battlefield. Loads of inner fights going on, all of them are into it and yet there is no clear winner in it all. A strong drummer keeps everyone together, but if you look at the playfield between guitar and keys there is quite a lot going on. So yes, the structure may be a little chaotic but when overseeing it after listening it a couple of times you get that brutal metal power they radiate through your veins and feel the passion come alive. It surely is a release that has to grow on you. As a nice surprise the band added a female vocalist as a guest and this brings something extra here, so that works out for them quite well.
Pandemonium knows what they are doing, you don’t have to worry about that. They made “Misanthropy”, a great release.

Michael – Bass
Szymon – Drums
Mark – Guitars
Paul – Vocals, Guitars
Khorzon – Keyboards, Samples

01. The Black Forest
02. God Delusion
03. Necro Judas
04. Stones Are Eternal
05. Avant – Garde Underground
06. Everlasting Opposition
07. Only the Dead Will See the End of War
08. Misanthropy

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13 March 2012