Voidhanger – Wrathprayers

Releasedate: 25-11-2012; Label: Witching Hour
By: Sabine van Gameren

Voidhanger is formed in 2010 by the trio Zyklon, Warcrimer and Priest. The idea was to create a mixture of Oldschool Thrash, Black and Death Metal and the result is called: “Wrathprayers”.

Brutality blasts off this all, the band quite makes a statement from the start, you know what you can expect in just a couple of seconds. Raw growls roll over you, spitting these lyrics with passion and have this combined the vehemence that comes from the guitars you quite know where you stand. Drums come in a bit too dominating maybe, but after a while you get used to their presence and feel comfortable with the Oldschool environment the band is after. It seems quite unavoidable to mention a reference to some old Slayer in connection to this release, not too obvious but certainly present in their sound. Altogether it has a little downside and that might be that in about 30 minutes you reached the end of it already. You feel quite a need to hear more of it because it is a traditional, good release that hints back to the heroes of the past, but has enough of an own face to present you with something entertains you well.

Priest – Drums
Zyklon – Guitars, Bass
Warcrimer – Vocals

01. Wrathprayer
02. Skin the Lambs
03. Son of Cain
04. Dead Whore’s Corpse
05. Sentenced to Fall
06. Daughter of Filth
07. Void
08. The Vampire of Beuthen
09. Carnivorous Lunar Activities
01 March 2012