Minutian – Repercussion

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By: Sabine van Gameren

Minutian is band from Finland making Progressive Rock. The band releases their debut album “Repercussions” right now.

Reading the bands influences (King Crimson, Tool and others) you quite directly get to the sound this band makes. They have made some interesting compositions but a little reservation must be made. You clearly hear it is a band that needs some time to grow. The potential is there, listen to the guitar that comes with surprising parts in many of the songs. Also the vocals are a point to mention. It has the potential but you quickly get the idea that there is more to get out of it than what we get right now. Deeper, more powerful and maybe working with more extreme contrasts. This would make the music some more dramatic or emotional and that would make it easier to catch an audience with. The song writing itself is done quite well and in combination with the guitars in this release you found the strongest points of this album. “Repercussions” is an album of a band on the grow, searching for themselves and having all the right elements within. It’s waiting for the moment it all come out and then something big will be born.

Line Up:
Mikko Heino – Vocals
Jaakko Jernberg – Guitars
Jesper Johnson – Guitars
Jouni Mikkola – Bass
Antti Ruokola – Drums

01. Hole
02. In Circles
03. Cold & Tight
04. Give In
05. Undone
06. Isolation
07. Three by Five

Minutian Official

24 November 2011