Releasedate: 2010
By: Sabine van Gameren

Lacrimacorpus Dissolvens is a project by Carlos Estrada that started in 2005. Based in Mexico, the band contains now more members and at the end of 2010 there was a debut album released called “Oath”.

The band at first reminds a bit of the Finnish formation Beyond The Dream, yet the vocals in here may not always come out as the strongest point. They are raw, but it feels like they could have gone a bit deeper for a larger impact. More impressive is the whole atmosphere of the album and the guitarists which show off some good skills in here, a slight remark may be that throughout the album it may be a bit overwhelming for some listeners. Yet a surprise comes when the clean vocals come in, these slightly hint more into the direction of Katatonia. These really give a different add to the sound.
Overall this formation comes with an interesting release but it is probably a bit too long for those who are not regularly listen to Doom. With the autumn season out here, it is just a nice release to dig into while the wind is blowing outdoors, the rain is smashing against your window and you are sitting there in that chair enjoying a warm cup of coffee/tea. That is when you feel the melancholy of this release best.

Line Up:
Daniel Alva – Guitar/Vocals
Javier Cervantes – Vocals
Jorge Curiel – Drums
Carlos Estrada – Guitar
Gark Sepúlveda – vocals
Daniel Vázques – Bass

01. Brief Light/Climbing Clouds
02. Of The Mind
03. In Times of Dark Ways
04. When…
05. In Silence
06. Despair/Circles of Oblivion
07. Destroy The Fear
08. Oath

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