Celtachor – In The Hall's Of Our Ancient Father's

Releasedate: 2010
By: Sabine van Gameren

Celtachor is a Celtic metal formation from Ireland. They formed in 2007 and released two demo’s so far. “In The Halll’s Of Our Ancient Father’s” is their latest release.

Caltachor is basically a band that makes Black Folk Metal, but a little cheered up with flute. What strikes a bit is that the two of these are quite different from each other and not really blend very well at this points. It feels a bit like an unneeded extra, while the guys could have used it to extend their sound. Perhaps it is that it is quite dominant on the mix quite a sharp sound compared to the darkness from the rest of the instruments. What’s furthermore in this typical sound of these Irish guys are some sounds that stick a bit to the basics. Some more surprising elements and elaborated riffs would have spiced it up as now it lacks to keep your attention for a longer span. Though the concept that they bring sounds quite nice, the band have got some good ideas but will need some work on giving these shape for a next release.
“In The Hall’s Of Our Ancient Father’s” is a release that shows a band on the grow. Check back in some time and who knows where they stand by then.

Line up:
Steven Roche – Vocals, Keyboards, Tin Whistle
David Quinn – Guitar
Emile Quigley – Bass
Chareyre Anais – Drums

01.Nemed’s Wake
02.Rise of Lugh
03.In the Halls of Nuada
04.A warning to Balor
05.Riders of the Fomor
06.The Sons of Tuireann and the blood fine
07.The Wavesweeper

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13 July 2011