Releasedate: 2010
By: Sabine van Gameren

Gozer is an Italian Death Metal formation that formed in winter 2009. The line up got completed in 2010 with the addition of vocalist Valentina anda few months later they brought their debut EP to the world.

It brought some hilarity at first, their band name Gozer would be translated in Dutch with “dude” and looking at the cover there are more gorgeous ladies in the band than guys. As soon as the EP starts playing it comes clear that these ladies have some balls after all. Death Metal with some strong grunts for a girl. Instrumental the band comes with a good base as well. It is their first release so you can hear they need some time to grow, but with a good start things will go better soon. Right now the drums come out strongest, the riffing needs some work on though. Here and there they are bringing surprises but in total it may need some more elaborated riffing to keep the attention of the more technical listeners. Valentina could improve her technique as well, but is right on the way. Occasionally there are some clean vocals in the music which actually sound really great in here.
Overall this EP is quite a nice one, it has its moments and it shows a band on the start of something larger. The ambition can be found in here and the fact that they bring a band slightly different than what has been done before so often speaks for them as well. Let’s see what’s in for them in the future.

Line Up:
Valentina Tendas – Vocals
Isadora Galeazzi – Guitar
Piero Senigalliesi – Guitar
Ale Billy Pepe – Bass
Andrea Massetti – Drums

01. FAQ – Addiction Is Art (If The Voice Is Yours)
02. Well: I Lie
03. Halfmoons of Glass Through The Veins
04. What’s Mine Is Perfectly Hostile
05. Stalker

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