Calabrese – The Traveling Vampire Show

Releasedate:16-06-2008; Label: Spookshow records/Plastic Head Promotions
By: Sabine van Gameren

Jimmy, Bobby and Davey Calabrese from Phoenix, Arizona are brothers with a shared love for horror punk music. They started a band and named it Calabrese.
They call their selves “The World’s GREATEST Horror Rock Band”
16th June of 2008, the band released an album called “The Traveling Vampire Show”.

The list on their site of bands they shared stages with is impressive. The Misfits, Tiger Army, Mad Sin… you name it, they did it. And that they fit in this list of bands as being their equals is something that “The Traveling Vampire Shows” confirms.

The album starts with “Death Eternal”, which has an introduction like a piece taken of a classic horror movie. The band creates a pleasant, cozy sound which makes you feel comfortable and happy listening to the album. The album brings you in a positive atmosphere and brings you to a point where you get your calendar and count how many days till Halloween.
The vocals of the album amazed me most. For someone who is not a daily listener to the genre, it might be hard to stay focused a complete record; because the vocals of a band which uses a lot of whooaaahhhh’s in their music might be annoying after a while. Calabrese places it in such a way in their music that there is not an overkill of it.

The band made a hazardous statement by saying they are the world’s horror rock band. You can call it arrogant, but the band made a great album.

Line Up:
Jimmy Calabrese – Bass, Vocals
Bobby Calabrese – Guitars, Vocals
Davey Calabrese – Drums

01. Death Eternal
02. Voices Of The dead
03. Vampires Don’t Excist
04. Inside this Coffin
05. Night In The Lonesome October
06. Come Alive
07. Children Of The Night
08. Saturday Night Of The Living Dead
09. The Young Princes Of Darkness
10. Darkness, Tell Us
11. Your Ghost
12. The House Of Mysterious Secrets
Video: Voices Of The Dead (Spookshow Edit)

Calabrese MySpace
Calabrese Official

24 June 2008