Trustgame – Trustgame

Releasedate: 13-06-2008; Label: Limited Access // Rough Trade
By: Nina Mende

Trustgame is a German band from Duisburg in the Ruhr-area. Five guys playing great rock music and will now release their self titled debut album.

The album includes totally different styles which makes it hard to describe it in only a couple words.
“Whatever You Say” starts out with a somehow circus like opener before a melodic guitar sets in and the rock begins to roll. The voice of the singer takes you away, still accompanied by a circus like sampler in the background for one last time. It’s a very melodic song and a nice foretaste for what is yet to come on the album. “Break Us Down” is a little harsher now, more like some songs of 12Stones if that gives you a better direction of where to put this one. A song you could jump and bang to perfectly well during a concert. “Dickcheeze” is rougher than the ones before, a little bit more aggressive with some shouting and faster riffs. A song you could mosh to. “Just Some Words” is slower again, somehow romantic, reminding me of The Calling. A touchy song that shows the softer side of the five guys. “ Notorious” lets the bass playing stand out in the beginning, the song is great rock again and by now you have completely forgotten that Trustgame is a small German band, you more likely think of an American band signed at a major label by listening to the album. Great to hear that such great music can also come from cities like Duisburg. “Good-bye Harbour” includes some accordion playing sailor like music, the song sounds somehow tragic, especially the chorus. It is a somehow sad song. “Vacuum” has a very powerful chorus. “My Satellite” includes piano and a violin, another slow song, very thoughtful with great passionate vocals. This song started a movie in my imagination, and I am sure it will do the same to several other listeners. “Tired Man” is faster again, it also includes piano playing in the chorus. “DNA” is somehow harsher again, with quiet lyrics during the verses compared to the full and distorted sound during the chorus you can sing along easily. This song will make some of you band again. The last song on the album has a great piano opening and nice vocals that are almost whispered. It stays quite slow, the vocals get a little deeper later on. A very great closing for a great album.

I hope we will hear a lot more from this band in near future.

01 Whatever you say
02 Break us down
03 Dickcheeze
04 Just some words
05 Notorious
06 Good-bye harbour
07 Vacuum
08 My satellite
09 Tired man
10 DNA
11 Sometimes
Bonus: Videoclip “Just some words”

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14 June 2008