Emme Ya – Beyond The Secret Flame

Releasedate: 2010
By: Sabine van Gameren

Emme Ya is a project from Columbia. The music goes into an experimental, ambient side and “Beyond The Secret Flame” is the latest release from this project.

When listening to Emme Ya, you have to be prepared to get yourself transferred into a story. Do not expect an easy listening, because you would feel betrayed from that soon enough. At first the music seems so calm, vocals telling the story, but there is something deeper at it. It would a waste to spoil the adventure of figuring out. During this three track release, which goes over 45 minutes, you get to hear some light music around it. Different instruments, a bit doom, sometimes it gets quite intimidating but never turns into a horror story. It is quite calm and perhaps it could have gone more intense at some points but it is not disturbing in the way it is. Maybe these 45 minutes are bit long for such calm music, a bit more variation could have spiced up a bit, which would attract a wider audience.
Most remarkable track in this release is the last one “The Throne Ov Poer (The Mask Ov Heru-Ra-Ha) for its dark start. Overall the release to be made for a select group of elite listeners. It ain’t up for everyone to keep their attention with this music for that long, but for those who do like to go experimental, find some joy in listening it.

01. The secret flame (The dance of Nuit)
02. The coiled serpent (The invisible light of Hadit)
03. The throne of power (The mask of Heru-Ra-Ha)

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23 November 2010