413 – Path to Hocma

Releasedate: 2010;
By: Sabine van Gameren

David Pisabarro is the name that stands behind the 413, a metal project from Spain (Basque). “Path to Hocma” is the name of its latest release.

First thing that must be said is that this release comes with some really nice artwork. It shows some wonderful drawings that match with the atmosphere of the album. But then, you must be careful not to start judging the band straight from the first track and leave your decision based on that. The first track comes with vocals, that have a bit of the typical Post Metal as well as hardcore. But then, when you go on, you get into a more experimental world. So far for that straight metal feeling. It is slow and atmospheric as if it would be drone, but way lighter to listen too. All songs have the one thing in common, they start intimate and built on slowly to a melodramatic climax and that seems to work quite well for the project. Also, the use of several vocalist bring an interesting element in the sound, giving you a run for what to expect each song again.
With listening to 413’s “Path to Hocma” you can entertain yourself for quite a bit. Plenty to hear and full of sounds, so after listening a couple of times, you still haven’t heard it all. The album is not for sale though, you can download the album on their own website.

00.- The Town
01.- The Desert of the Real
02.- The Rising of the Real Man
03.- The Bindu Sea: Cloudy
04.- The Brigit Mountains
05.- The White Mountains
06.- The Swamp
07.- The Hocma Point
08.- The Ophoist
09.- The Virus Ophoist / The Yethunter

413 Official

11 November 2010