I Wear * Experiment – Patience

I Wear * Experiment - Patience
Label: Optical / H´art & Kontor New Media
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 08-09-2017

I Wear* Experiment is a punchy nordic electro trio leaning towards experimentation and cinematic soundscapes. The band began their journey into electronical pop music bringing back the punch and aggressiveness that they feel has gone missing over time.
I Wear* Experiment creates edgy big banger beats and synths with a touch of Ladyhawk, CHRVCHES, Florence and The Machine like graceful vocals. In a live situation they are visually and sonically impeccable.

The brand new album of I Wear* Experiment is called “Patience” and comes with eight songs. Sounds like not so much, but believe me when I tell you: This album will leave you behind speechless. The female singer has a voice that reminds of Madonna or Gwen Stefani, the arrangements are catchy and sometimes quite dreamy. The band sure is telling stories and drawing pictures with their songs. “Hyperstress” is a song that sticks out, though. For a split second you wonder, whether you have accidentally mixed “Patience” up with another album. An extremely electronic album, almost industrial. But other than this one song, the album is calm and mellow. You can sink in while listening.

“Patience” is a beautiful album by the band I Wear* Experiment. Check it out and fall in love with it.

I Wear * Experiment - Patience Tracklist:
01. Patience
02. From Nothingness
03. Deepfreeze
04. Stress My Friend
05. Wanting For More
06. No Way Back
07. Hyperstress
08. I’m Loving It


09 September 2017