Beatsteaks – Yours

Beatsteaks - Yours
Label: Warner Music
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 01-09-2017

Beatsteaks is a punk rock band from Berlin, Germany, formed in 1995. Since then the boys have evolved, staying true to themselves and developed their own style and sound. This is their brand new album which is called “Yours”. It is the eighth full length studio album of Beatsteaks.

“Yours”, the brand new Beatsteaks album, comes with twenty one songs. That is a whole lot. But not only that. Beatsteaks also brought along quite a lot of guest artists for this album. So you can find Deichkind and Farin Urlaub (Die Ärzte) on this album, amongst many others. The album has not one style, but many. Each song has the typical Beatsteaks touch Though. You can hear the free spirit, the band has and loves to act out. Each song is not only telling a story, but the arrangements also are painting pictures in your mind. The album is spreading good vibes and will put smiles on your face. And it will get you moving along to the music.

Beatsteaks are back. With their brand new album “Yours” the band will get you party to this album and have a good time. So enjoy this piece of party, split into twenty one songs.

“Beatsteaks Tracklist:
01. Break Down
02. 40 Degrees
03. You In Your Memories (+ Chad Price)
04. Filthy Crime
05. I Do
06. Velosolex (+ Stereo Total)
07. Fever
08. Ponkywonky
09. Yours
10. Mrs. Right
11. Sucker Punch
12. Policoro
13. Hate To Love (+ Jamie T)
14. L auf der Stirn (+ Deichkind)
15. Attack And Decay
16. Come On And Get Some
17. No Surprises
18. Abbadu (+ Farin Urlaub)
19. Gap
20. Summertime
21. The Job

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06 September 2017