Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction

Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction
Label: Godz ov War
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-07-2017
Turkish Black/Thrash formation Persecutory has been founded in 2014. The band released an EP two years later, but is now ready for the release of their first full length. “Towards the Ultimate Extinction” is out now.

Thge rough edged Persecutory is yet in their early stages and you can feel that when the first songs come on. A bit stereotypical sound, drawing it back from the old school and keeping the well quite unpolished. Could have its charm, but here it results in a warily sound. The balance between these drums, the guitars and especially the vocals seem completely lost. Too bad, because they can neither highlight themselves as a good working team nor the individual talents on their own. Only the bass seems quite stable in here. Good, so the guys could work on that. Oranize their sound a bit better to underline the qualities they have. Then, the whole could also have a little more of themselves in there. It lacks something that gives them their own face.

What speaks for the band though, is their enthusiastic aggression, the eagerness they bring along in their sound. They know what they want, but simply should put a bit more attention to the details for their own benefit. Ah well, it’s only a first. Time enough to grow!

Line up:
Infectious Torment – Guitars, Bass
Tyrannic Profanatör – Vocals
A.D.B. – Drums
Vulgargoat – Guitars, Vocals

persecutory 01. Pillars of Dismay
02. Towards the Ultimate Extinction
03. Till Relentless Salvation Comes
04. Along the Infernal Hallways
05. Awakening the Depraved Are
06. Hegemony of the Ruinous Impurity
07. Malestroms of Antireligious Chaos


04 September 2017