Primal Creation – Demockracy

Primal Creation - Demockracy
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 10-06-2017
Primal Creation is a Thrash formation from Belgium. They formed in 2014 and are now releasing their debut album. It is called “Demockracy” and is available now.

Primal Creation is having a nice introduction for us, their music is not the straightforward Thrash, but has a modern approach. A melodic touch is making the songs of the album very listenable and vocalist Koen has quite some power to give, yet with variation in his vocals he creates a lot of dynamic. The rest of the band is up to this level as well, varied riffs that break away from a stereotype but never stray too far from what you may expect. “Retain The Fight” is a perfect example of that. The band has a well thought composition here but surprises on the diverse elements, sometimes subtle sometimes more obvious. Lyrically, all is taken from life, a wide shared opinion brought to attention in way that puts a smile on your face.

Yet it make me think what would happen if they draw this a bit further even, for curiosity plays up when hearing this release. The band has taken their time to create a well thought album. A debut that is far above average and listens pleasantly. And when they underline this identity they are now building they could be a large one in future.

Line up:
Clint Dusslier – Drums
Ruben Dhaene – Guitar
Cédric Uyttendaele – Guitar
Ewoud Herregat – Bass
Koen Mattheeuws – Vocals

01. The Mockracy
02. Vote Clown – Await The Trap
03. Cast The First Stone
04. Good Riddance
05. Retain The Fight
06. Emperor
07. Vote Clown – A Lost Cause
08. Memories…
09. …Of Diminishing Returns


03 September 2017