Kill Procedure – Brink Of Destruction

Kill Procedure - Brink Of Destruction
Label: FC Metal
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 01-09-2017

Featuring guitarist/vocalist Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane), Kill Procedure is a band for any heavy metal fan who loves killer guitar riffs, memorable solos, and great songwriting. On such songs as “Trioxynon”, “Spells Death”, “All The Pain” and the crushing title track, Kill Procedure’s sound brings to mind classic Megadeth (Rust In Peace/Countdown To Extinction), Testament, and Cacophony.

Anyway, Kill Procedure has a brand new album. “Brink Of Destruction” is the name of this piece. It comes with eleven songs. Each one is heavy and upbeat. The band is pushing you through this album which lasts for almost one hour. The guitar riffs are telling stories of their own, while the drums are continuing quite steady. Almost hypnotic. At times, the vocals seem scarce. When they set in they are rich and strong, guiding you through the music. And the vocals make you feel darkness luring in the shadows.

Kill Procedure has a brand new album out. “Brink Of Destruction” is a strong metal album. Simple and without many special effects or such. Just plain metal. Pure as it is. With steady beats and thriving rhythms. Let this album hypnotize you. Check it out. Get lost in it.

Kill Procedure - Brink Of Destruction Tracklist:
01. Hate Spilled Over
02. Trioxynon
03. Spells Death
04. Season Of Brutality
05. Dead man Walking
06. Brink Of Destruction
07. Mask Of The Villain
08. Careful What You Wish For
09. Silence
10. Bone Head
11. All The Pain


02 September 2017