Across The Atlantic – Works Of Progress

Across The Atlantic - Works of Progress
Label: SharpTone / Nuclear Blast / Warner
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 01-09-2017

Across The Atlantic is a band from San Antonio, Texas. The band consists of singer Jay Martinez backed by guitarists Jason Lugo & Julio Bautista along side bassist Jayy Garza & drummer Cody Cook. Across The Atlantic is now releasing their brand new album “Works Of Progress”.

“Works Of Progress” comes with thirteen songs, starting with a prelude. The album is filled with strong rock music that strongly walks toward metal every now and then. Each one of the songs is thriving and will get you going along. The lyrics are taken out of life and are inspired by the struggles we all encounter at some point. Some rhythms are absolutely heavy and strong while some melodies are calm and almost dreamy. Across The Atlantic has a beautiful mix of both. The voice of the singer reminds a little bit of A Day To Remember. Almost like a rollercoaster the speed sways from fast to slow back, from heavy to smooth and back to heavy. This album will not leave you behind untouched or unimpressed.

Across The Atlantic created a brilliant album with “Works Of Progress”. One you will enjoy a lot. So go ahead and check it out. Turn up the volume and press play!

Across The Atlantic - Works of Progress Tracklist:
01. Prelude
02. Playing For Keeps
03. Sundress Funeral
04. Cutting Corners
05. Real Friends
06. Chin Up
07. 24 Hours
08. Word Of Mouth
09. Self(less)
10. Starting Over
11. Blind Eyes
12. Works Of Progress
13. Perfect


01 September 2017