Purwien & Kowa – Zwei

Purwien & Kowa - Zwei
Label: SPV Recordings
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 25-08-2017

Purwien & Kowa is a German electro pop band. The duo has been busy. And this is their latest album, called “Zwei”.

The brand new album of the duo comes with fourteen songs and reminds of bands like DAF, Kraftwerk and such. Very simple electro tunes and easy lyrics will cause each song to get stuck in your head. Whether you want it or not. You will even catch yourself tapping along to the tunes at least. Purwien & Kowa created and album that you will not be able to just walk by. And all the electro fans of you out there will love it. It might be a love – hate situation but “Zwei” will not go by unnoticed. That much is sure. The lyrics are mainly in German. But that keeps it authentic. And pure.

“Zwei” is a brilliant electro album that seems outdated and misplaced. And yet, it feels just right to be here and now. An odd oxymoron that gets your mind wandering. Strategic. And that is what we need these days. Simply and true things, that hold a tight grip to the past and yet sound like future. Pulling the present, the here and now, together, holding it strong. Get the new album of Purwien & Kowa now. “Zwei” is waiting for you.

Purwien & Kowa - Zwei Tracklist:
01. Du
02. Bandit
03. Alte Hits
04. 1000 Hände
05. Der König Geht Zu Fuss
06. Manchmal
07. Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm
08. Das Meer
09. Leere
10. Transplantation
11. Die Zeit Ist Vorbei
12. People From Ibiza
13. Blut
14. Du (piano version)


28 August 2017