Grande Royale – Breaking News

Grande Royale - Breaking News
Label: The Sign / Cargo
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 25-08-2017

Grande Royale have after two self released albums signed a deal with The Sign Records. With a label and producer Nicke Andersson by their side the band have taken several steps, both as songwriters and by creating a new sound. Arriving in the studio Grande Royale noticed that Nicke Andersson was going through an Lynyrd Skynyrd obsessive period, an interest and obsession that the band shared. The entire recording period was heavily influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd and updated the bands sound to lean more towards a timeless southern rock sound.

Now these guys have a brand new album out. “Breaking News” is the name of this release. It comes with ten songs. Each song is filled with pure rock and roll. The rhythms are catchy and the lyrics are telling stories. The music of the album will easily fade in with the background. But the music can also stick in your mind, if you wish. Either way, the music is perfect for everyone. You can just let it play and enjoy Grande Royale filling the silence with their album “Breaking News”.

All you rock and roll fans out there, you should get the album and check it out for sure. Grande Royale and their brand new album “Breaking News”.

Grande Royale - Breaking News Tracklist:
01. Know it All
02. Brake Light
03. Devil’s Place
04. Breaking News
05. Live With Your Lie
06. Daily Illustration
07. Got to Move
08. One Second
09. R’N’R Business
10. I’m on the Loose


25 August 2017