Masterplan – PumpKings

Masterplan - PumpKings
Label: AFM Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 28-07-2017

Masterplan is a German power metal band, founded by guitarist Roland Grapow and drummer Uli Kusch upon leaving Helloween in 2001. This is their brand new album “PumpKings”. This album comes with ten songs and will get your metal heart beat faster.

This release is a special one for band leader Roland Grapow, because it shows the man revisiting his Helloween past. “PumpKings” includes 11 songs which Roland contributed to Helloween’s rich legacy during his time in the band. These songs have been re-recorded by Masterplan’s current line-up recently. So the songs might sound familiar. The rich arrangements and deep sounds, as well as the impressive vocals will pull you into a different world. One you will enjoy wandering about. From fast metal rhythms to slow and melodic, almost melancholic sounds, you will find it all on this release. “PumpKings” is celebrating Halloween as a holiday and Helloween as a band. It is a brilliant album you will catch yourself listening to over and over again.

Masterplan has a new album out. With “PumpKings” they celebrate their past, relive and revive it. Be part of this amazing milestone and check out this brand new album now. You will not regret it.

Masterplan - PumpKings Tracklist:
01. The Chance
02. Someone’s Crying
03. Mankind
04. Step Out Of Hell
05. Mr. Ego
06. Still We Go
07. Escalation 666
08. The Time Of The Oath
09. Music
10. The Dark Ride


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24 August 2017