Warrant – Louder Harder Faster

Warrant – Louder Harder Faster
Label: Frontiers Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 31-07-2017

So Warrant is back with a new album. Calling it “Louder Harder Faster” which seems to remind is mainly to Wacken Open Air, it being their stage names, but this records is maybe more Melodic Rock like we know Warrant from.

Good, we all know that “Cherry Pie” song but that has been long ago. Three band has a new vocalist since 2008 and new material is there. However, they always stayed in line with their original sound, not straying too far. Catchy songs that come in diverse versions. The slow “Faded” is maybe a track that you don’t pick up first time listening, but after a couple of times it is just as much stuck in your head as the title track. Of course some ballads are in the album as well. “U In My Life” is a calm song that feels a bit overly dramatic, but suits with the other songs quite well.

Furthermore you could say that the guys bring you a lot of skills in their varied range of songs. They seem to know very well what they can and stay within that line. Good, one could appreciate when bands look at the edge of what they can, to see if they could push further, but from a band like Warrant you want what you expect. And this is exactly what the album gives you. A release that listens pleasantly and will accompany you on many roadtrips. Simply: good!

Warrant 01. Louder Harder Faster
02. Devil Dancer
03. Perfect
04. Only Broken Heart
05. U In My Life
06. Music Man
07. Faded
08. New Rebellion
09. Big Sandy
10. Choose Your Fate
11. Let It Go

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05 August 2017