All41- The World’s Best Hope

All41- All41
Label: Frontiers Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 31-07-2017

All41 is a project that is set up by Frontiers records President Serafino Perugino. He has put some artists together to create a sort of super line up and have an album which celebrates music.

And what happens when you put some good musicians together? It could almost be a concept for a tv show, but we rather have an album instead. Melodic Rock, brought by some fine guitarists guarantee you some pleasant riffs and with the voices of Terry Brock and Robert Berry, they are having some good vocalists on board. The whole band seem to benefit from the cherry picking by mr Perugino. Their styles match well and the songs they have created are interesting to listen. Here and there a bit cliché and maybe you would imagine they could take it just a bit further even, but these are well thought compositions coming alive. Seeking songs like “Cyanide” you easily feel on board. The catchiness in there is convincing but some of the songs on the release are not keeping that on, rather focusing on the elaboration. But the variety within the album is diverse enough to keep ones attention with it.

This group has gathered a bunch of songs while being put together themselves. The result is a fine melodic record, but we have the impression that if these guys spend more time together even greater things would come from their hands. Will they make a second one? We don’t know, but we certainly are interested to see what would happen then.

Line up:
Terry Brock – lead vocals
Robert Berry – bass and lead vocals
Gary Pihl – guitar
Matt Starr – drums

01. After The Rain
02. Cyanide
03. Down Life’s Page
04. Mother Don’t Cry
05. Show Me The Way
06. Walk Alone
07. Don’t Surrender (To Love)
08. Hero In Your Life
09. Never Back Down Again
10. Who Knows
11. The World’s Best Hope


06 August 2017