28-07-2017 Callejon Record Release Show “Fandigo”

28-07-2017 Callejon Record Release Show “Fandigo”
Starts: 28-07-2017
The Tube

Callejon released a new album today. “Fandigo” is the name of this beauty and we went to its first birthday party: The record release party at The Tube in Düsseldorf.

Callejon is a German metal core band founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2002. The band writes and sings the majority of their lyrics in German.

The Tube in Düsseldorf is a very small venue. Only 150 people can fit in there. And it was packed. Once you entered, you were instantly soaked in sweat. A true sauna club. Everyone in the venue was happy to be one of the few that were able to be at this show tonight.

28-07-2017 Callejon Record Release Show “Fandigo”
Callejon entered the stage at 10pm sharp. They began with some old songs to which the audience went crazy singing and dancing along to. The singer thanked the audience after each song for having come out, for supporting the band and for being so great. These kind words of appreciation motivated the audience even more to rock along to the songs. After a couple older songs, Callejon began playing the songs off “Fandigo” and the audience loved it.

The air in the venue was getting hotter and hotter and everyone was sweating so much. After ninety minutes, the magic of rock music was over. Everyone was happy and left with a smile on their faces, promising to be back when Callejon returns on the road in fall.


04 August 2017