Sivert Høyem – Live At The Acropolis

Sivert Høyem - Live At The Acropolis
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 09-07-2017
The Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem has been around for many years. 20 years in music business, from his band Madrugada to his solo project with which he sells out shows through Europe. One of his dreams was to perform at the Acropolis in Greece. A historic place, not exactly open for a lot of people to perform. But Sivert got it arranged. He was allowed to give his show there and many of his loyal fans came from everywhere to witness this happening. He made a live album and DVD of this and releases it now, for those who were there as a memory and for those who missed it to gain the vibe of it as well.

And what an atmosphere it brings, the place is of course magnificent and with the darker tones of Sivert’s music you have no trouble to get yourself into it. With some instrumental arrangements to make the whole even more special, the music is dressed up a bit, but not straying anywhere to far from how you remember seeing Sivert perform before. It is pure and not spoiled with things it does not need. Sivert shows he respects the area he is in by letting it be and enhance it with his music rather than making the whole about himself. That paints the picture well.

The set exists out of some solo work but also material from Madrugada and some songs that have not been played live too often. It is clear that this performance was special to the man himself as well as to the fans who sit down listening in awe. Luckily they registered all and now it is released on DVD it is available for everyone. A magnificent experience brought to your home!

Sivert 1. Lioness
2. Black and gold
3. January 3rd
4. What’s on your mind
5. My thieving heart
6. Honey bee
7. Prisoner of the road
8. Into the sea
9. The boss bossa nova
10. Görlitzer park
11. Give it a whirl
12. Majesty
13. Sleepwalking man
14. Handsome savior
15. Moon landing
16. The kids are on high street (dvd only)
17. Silences


29 July 2017