Callejon – Fandigo

Callejon - Fandigo
Label: People Like You Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 28-07-2017

Callejon is a German metal core band from Düsseldorf. Their brand new album “Fandigo” is out now. It is the seventh full length studio album of the guys. One you will love!

This album called “Fandigo” comes with fourteen songs. Each one of them is strong and has deep lyrics. Most of the lyrics are in German. Only some bridges or choruses are in English. The arrangements are brilliant and the rhythms are catchy. The song will get you going along for sure. The style varies between almost pop rock and metal core. So a good mix for everyone that loves rock music in all facets. These pace changes happen with almost every song, so this album will never get boring or lack of energy at any time. The intense music is taking up your fullest attention and will dig deep. Each song is telling a story of its own, some very personal, some taken out of life. Each one you will be able to relate to. No song will leave you behind untouched.

Callejon has created an album that you will get addicted to. Easily. You will go along, sing along and will not be able to stop listening to “Fandigo”, So go ahead and get it now. Turn up the volume and press play.

Callejon - Fandigo Tracklist:
01. Der Riss in uns
02. Utopia
03. Pinocchio
04. Hölle Stufe 4
05. Monroe
06. ∅
07. Das gelebte Nichts
08. Noch einmal
09. Mit Vollgas vor die Wand
10. Powertrauer
11. Mein Gott ist aus Glas
12. 11°19′0″N, 142°15′0″O
13. Nautilus
14. Fandigo Umami


27 July 2017