Erotic End of Times – Chapter One

Erotic End of Times - Chapter One
Label: Echozone
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-07-2017
An Erotic End of Times is a band that makes Industrial rock. The band is releasing their debut album “Chapter One” right now.

Founder of this project, Philippe Deschemin,  has been known from his previous projects. Besides music he focuses on the written form of arts which makes that that the lyrics in this release are often a bit more elaborated than one would usually expect. A nice touch, for the band name prepares you for quite some, even if it is only that first chapter they are telling you now. A teaser. That what you get to read online when looking for a book online. And perhaps that is how you can see this album to, For the band gives you an introduction into their dark reign of thoughts.
These thoughts and stories are narrated well in a way that they distantly remind to a band called The Cyan Velvet Project, although these guys are a bit more wild in their music. For An Erotic End of Times it is more a dark romantic mood that highlights their thoughts. And the instrumental backing of the words, that’s how you could call it as it is truly the words that lead you through this release, is supporting it well. Quite eclectic and not too much of an innovation, but that’s fine for it does not seek the spotlights.

Altogether the album listens nicely. It is quite atmospheric, but it is also an album you want to listen with care and not let it disappear as a background sound. It does spark the interest for other chapters, so to say.

01. I Am Become Death
02. Love Is The end
03. No Rights
04. Freaky World
05. One Second After
06. Writings On The Wall
07. The Hangman
08. The Origin Of All Coming Evil


29 July 2017