Rebellious Spirit – New Horizons

Rebellious Spirit - New Horizons
Label: Fastball Music
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-07-2017
Modern Rock formation Rebellious Spirit are doing well. The band has been touring with names like WASP and gained lots of live experience with that. This year they release their third full length album called “New Horizons” which is available now.

To gain an idea of what these guys sound like, look at bands like Avenged Sevenfold or Entwine, the mix between those, or right in between so to say. The guys have gathered a lot of catchy songs, something you hear once and remember right away. Lyrically you catch up with them soon, but it are the melodies that captivate you from the start. As we look a bit deeper to the songs we are given it is the song “The Core” that jumps out. It seems a tad bit different than what you heard before on the release but not straying away too from what the guys’ sound.
The vocals are interesting, somewhat remembering us closely to Mika from Entwine, but with a bit heavier approach. So no surprise that we find that same warmth in the words.

This album is a nice blend to the classic rock and the modern sound. The guys are highlighting their own identity very well and with “New Horizons” they have an album that you could remember. It sticks out over others and is one that listens easily, a nice one to have in your collection.

1. Intro
2. Devil In Me
3. Wish For
4. Fuck
5. Am I Right
6. Enemy
7. After All
8. The Core
9. Give It A Try
10. Up!
11. Eternal Desire
12. Alright
13. Far Away


24 July 2017