Sasquatch – Maneuvers

Sasquatch - Maneuvers
Label: Mad Oak Records
Written by: Basak Günel
Releasedate: 20-06-2017

Sasquatch is an American band. Hailing from Philadelphia, they have been formed in 2000 so they have a long history. Their influences consist of 70s, metal and psychedelia. Their music might be familiar to some of you as their songs have been featured in some TV shows, video games and movies such as Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Jersey Girl and Viva La Bam… so they are solid for sure! The band has released 3 studio albums so far and the last one, “Maneuvers” has been out!

As a new fan of the band, I didn’t know what to expect from the album but I got hooked from the first spin! From the beginning to the end, this record will will flow like beer on a hot summer day! The songs are short, straightforward but not too uptempo; there is a bit of a doom/psych vibe overall, which adds an extra awesome flavor to the sound. Speaking of styles and genres, one reason why I am hooked is the different mixtures of styles; a little bit of hard-rock/heavy metal, 70s with a touch of psych and desert rock would define the album quite well… In this sense, there is a bit of everything for everyone. I can even imagine the songs working quite well live even…. they have great energy and you can tell that the guys are into it!

One downside of the record and the sound would be that it’s not too original or unique… Although the songs are catchy and energetic, I am sure many of you will find resemblances to many legends from the 70s to 90s. This aspect didn’t disturb me but if you are looking for a spark or some original aspect in a record like this, you might be disappointed with “Maneuvers”.

“Maneuvers” might not be the most unique record but it will definitely get you hooked. It’s the perfect record to listen to on a summer day while driving fast on the highway… or to chill even. Get the album and catch the band live if you can!

Keith Gibbs – vocals, guitar
Craig Riggs – drums, harmonies
Jason Casanova – bass





01. Rational Woman
02. More Than You’ll Ever Be
03. Destroyer
04. Bringing Me Down
05. Just Couldn’t Stand The Weather
06. Drown All The Evidence
07. Anyway
08. Lude
09. Window Pain

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26 August 2017