Burnt Out Wreck – Swallow

Burnt Out Wreck - Swallow
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 31-05-2017
Hard rock formation Burnt Out Wreck is bringing back some of the finest of the 80’s. It is the debut of Gary Moat which has been known from Heavy Pettin. The release is called “Swallow” and is available now.

Sure it may not be too original, this “Swallow”, but you can find some fine moments on this release just as well. Here and there some ACDC but also names like Status Quo and are often coming up. Maybe a more current name like Gotthard as well. Simple said, this album is bringing you a lot of nostalgia. The production is kept a bit in vain of the past just as well, not too clean but surely polished enough for it too shine. Looking at what stands out on this album you come up to a song called “Pulling It Out”. The lyrics are cheesy and with the amount of repeats in it you get the hang of it fast, but against that is that you really feel getting into the album. It brings you into the mood, where the previous tracks were a bit more so/so. Maybe these are the simplest tracks, where others are giving you a bit more depth, but in the end it has a purpose.

So, Heavy Pettin’ fans will be looking out for this one, but are they going to be satisfied? Not if they expect a clone of what that band was, Burnt Out Wreck is just not that that. “Swallow” is a fine release, not on the highest end, but certainly not at the bottom either.

Line up:
Gary Moat – Vocals, Guitar
Adrian Dunn – Guitar backing vocals
Miles Goodman – Guitar
Alex Carmichael – Bass, backing vocals
Paul Gray – Drums

Burnt Out Wreck 1. Burnt Out Wreck
2. Swallow
3. She’s The One
4. Pulling It Out
5. Talk About Love
6. Medusa
7. Flames
8. She’s A Dirty Love
9. Your Love (Is All I Need)
10. Rocking Man
11. Best Of Your Life

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22 July 2017