Itchy – All We Know

Itchy - All We Know
Label: Arising Empire
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 21-07-2017

Itchy is a German punk rock band formed in 2001. The group consists of Sebastian Hafner (vocals, guitar, bass), Daniel Friedl (vocals, guitar, bass) and Max Zimmer (drums). They have released six albums, all of which entered the official German Charts (the latest record “Six” debuted at #5), started their own record label and played more than 900 shows throughout Europe. Up until April 2017, when they released their latest single “Nothing”, they toured under the name of “Itchy Poopzkid”, which they now changed to Itchy.

Now they have a brand new album out which is called “All We Know”. The album comes with fourteen songs. The catchy punk rock music comes right at you after pressing play. Each song is filled with energy and amazing rhythms that will get you going along. Each song is telling a story about life itself. So go ahead and listen closely. Itchy is back. With a new name and a new record. But the music is still as thriving as we know it from the boys.

Itchy has a brand new album for you. “All We Know” is the name of this beauty. All you punk rock kids out there: Go ahead and check it out.

Itchy - All We Know Tracklist:
01. Stuck With The Devil
02. Keep It Real
03. Fall Apart
04. Nothing
05. Black
06. Before You Go
07. Danger!
08. The Sea
09. Knock Knock
10. Day In Day Out
11. All We Know
12. We’re Coming Back
13. The Last Of Us
14. Go To Sleep


21 July 2017