W.I.L.D – Purgatorius

W.I.L.D – Purgatorius
Label: Overpowered Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 21-07-2017

W.I.L.D is a French formation making Death/Thrash. The guys founded in 2011 under this name (known as Wild Karnivore since 2004) and their debut as W.I.L.D saw light a year later. Anno 2017 the band comes with a follow up on that. It is called “Purgatorius” and it is out now.

The cover and the intro of the album gave me a bit different impression of this release, but when the guys are starting it off, you have no doubt any longer. They are straight up in your face. Thrash brought with a vehemence that makes you realize they are serious about making that impression. The heavy it is, the originality of it may be less presence. The guys are not out there to bring something you have not heard before, but simply found enough to bound a song together even though it is quite recognizable. Here and there you hope for something that a band put in there that highlights their own ideas but that part seems a bit lacking.

The first couple of songs you will enjoy most, they are setting out what they are up for but the second half of the album is perhaps a bit too much alike. However, what the guys bring is at least composed well and brought to you skillfully. It is a good album to listen to, but maybe not one that gives you something new. But sometimes, something more of what you like can be exactly what you are looking for and so “Purgatorius” could be a good choice anyway.

01. A Beginning That Isn’t One
02. Drugs by Way of Food
03. Purgatorius
04. Washout
05. The Cave
06. Trapped
07. The Blind Man
08. A Painful Past
09. Holy Grail
10. A Ray of Hope
11. An End That Isn’t One

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14 July 2017