Afire – Afire

Afire - Afire
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 26-06-2017

Afire is a brand new formation from Finland. Some familiar faces are to be found in the line up, Guitarists Antti Leiviskä and Sami Kukkohovi are accompanied by drummer Tarmo Kanerva and Bassist Harri Halonen. The band is fronted by Suvi Hiltunen. They released a very first EP so the world can get to know them. It is called “Afire” and available onlike via Deezer,, Itunes and Spotify.

There are three songs on this EP and it starts off with “The One To Take The Fall”. Right away you get that Rock and Roll feeling, it is in your face, a femme that expresses her words with stress so you have not any problems with feeling adressed. This al backed with a melodic sound that maintains enough heaviness to keep the power in it.

On “Forevermore” we get to see a different side of the band. A calm start slowly builds the drama and then there is the chorus in which you feel it at its most passionate. The song gives you the feeling it would be a great one for a live show where you can see all the words come alive even more to strengthen it and it will simply sell itself.

The last track is “Strangers Again” in which they gain back the power. Perhaps even the heaviest of the three. It has the catchiness but is sometimes a bit too much alike the first song.

Here and there I slightly got reminded of a band called Deathlike Silence but Afire is tending more to a typical Heavy Metal approach. The band got themselves a proper introduction with this release, a good way to get to know them. Let’s see what we can expect next.

Line up:
Suvi Hiltunen – Vocals
Antti Leiviskä – Guitars
Sami Kukkohovi – Guitars
Harri Halonen – Bass
Tarmo Kanerva – Drums

Afire, promo 3
(c) Onni Wiljami Kinnunen
01. The One To Take The Fall
02. Forevermore
03. Strangers Again

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11 July 2017