Shade Empire – Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

Shade Empire - Poetry Of The Ill-Minded
Label: Candlelight / Spinefarm
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 30-06-2017

Shade Empire is a Finnish symphonic black metal band, formed in 1999 in the city of Kuopio. Shade Empire’s prevalent lyrical subjects are death, destruction, hatred, anti-religion and pain. The music on their three official full-length releases, “Sinthetic”, “Intoxicate O.S.” and “Zero Nexus”, bears a melodic sort of black metal, featuring the usage of both electronic and symphonic elements. Their lyrics are mainly in English, except for one song that has lyrics in Finnish, “…Ja Pimeys Laskeutui”, the title of which can be translated as “…And Darkness Descended” (the last word “Laskeutui” can also be translated as “Fell”, “Came” or “Landed”).

This is the brand new release by the Finns. “Poetry Of The Ill-Minded” is the name of this beauty. It comes with seven songs and lasts for forty-six minutes. The album begins with guitars and a soft drumming that gets more and more, lasting for about two minutes, before the gloomy and dark vocals set in. The vocals are growled and take turns with cleanly sung vocals. Which adds some melody to the arrangements. You can tell, that there is a main focus on the guitar for the arrangements. Because each song begins with some great guitar riffs long before the vocals set in.

“Poetry For The Ill-Minded” is a brilliant album for all you metal and maybe even harder rock fans out there. So go ahead and check out this brand new release by the Finnish metal band Shade Empire. Go ahead and bang your head to the rhythms.

Shade Empire - Poetry Of The Ill-Minded Tracklist:
01. Lecter (Welcome)
02. Wanderer
03. Drawn To Water – The Path
04. Thy Scent
05. Anti-life Saviour
06. Map of scars
07. Treasure (In liquid dreams of mirror universe)


02 July 2017