Ofermod – Sol Nox

Ofermod – Sol Nox
Label: Shadow Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 29-05-2017

Ofermod is a Black Metal formation from Sweden. They formed in 1996 and anno 2017 the band is bringing their third full length album out. It is called “Sol Nox” and is available now.

Who is in Ofermod is a question that never can be given an answer that lasts very long. People come and go, same for live members. But right for the release there is a line up and that’s all we need. Ofermod has released great albums before and took their time to create them, so with a new one on hands the expectations are high. The aggressive Black Metal sound we know from the band is there again. Enhanced with some rich melodies Ofermod is bringing is a sound that we easily fall into. The flow is there, you listen to it with ease (as a black metal listener) and so it gives you time to focus on the details. And that is where the fun begins, because Ofermod stands out in the details. Is it the vocals that are bringing you right into the evil spirit, that variation within it, that keeps you interesting? Yes, it is. But if you think it are those vocals who do it alone, no. The instrumental part is making it demonic, the tempo and the way these guitars interpreted are giving the sensation of pure hell awaiting you.

“Sol Nox” is different than its predecessor, let’s not make any question on that. And it makes sense, the band is different and they seem to be interested in expand rather than bringing the same over and over again. It is at equal strength though, an album that has so many to hear in there and brought with the expected quality of Ofermod making it no question that this album will be played quite often at Tempelores headquarters.

Line up:
Mika Hakola – Guitars, Vocals (additional)
J. Kvarnbrink – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
R. Fjäll – Bass
S. Samuelsson – Drums

Ofermod 01. The Alpha of the Omega
02. The Awakening
03. Smaiut N Set
04. Sol Nox
05. Sun of Dead Seasons
06. El-Ehra – The Thistle Creed
07. To Dare the Tower

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13 June 2017