Alison Moyet – Other

Alison Moyet - Other
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 16-06-2017
Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet is an English singer, songwriter and performer She got fame as half of the duo Yazoo, but has since mainly worked as a solo artist. Anno 2017 she comes with another album, follow the many she has done already through the years. “Other” is available now.

To describe this album, well there a different sides to it. On one side you find the poetic side, a mellow version of Patty Smith, but with all the synths and the somewhat dark undertone in the lyrics you may find yourself listening to a dressed down version of IAMX even. But most of all you find Moyet as typically her. For she has find her own way of doing things and at a first listen you may find “Other” a bit odd, but when you are continuously told that she ‘will listen’ you easily open up to it. The mood of the music often makes me think to the latest releases of Desireless, forming a gloomy background for whatever Alison want to spread and with the catchiness that is in there you hold onto it so easily.

We are talking here about an artist that knows herself well and has no fear to experiment and seek these elements that are typically her. No need to be like others, being Alison Moyet it is and that results in an album that sound confident and hardly compromises to something commercial. “Other” sounds an album that turns out exactly as Alison has meant it to be and you find yourself listen to it way more often than you thought at the first time. Addictive!

Alison-Moyet 01. I Germinate
02. Lover, Go
03. The English U
04. The Rarest Birds
05. Beautiful Gun
06. Reassuring Pinches
07. April 10th
08. Other
09. Happy Giddy
10. Alive

Alison Moyet Official

23 June 2017