Coffeinne – Circle of Time

Coffeinne - Circle of Time
Label: Rock Estatal Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-06-2017
Coffeinne is a Melodic/Power Metal band from Spain by David Villarreal and Iñaki Lazcano . Their first album is called “Circle of Time” and it is out now.

Coffeinne is a band that is relatively young still, they are ambitious though and that you can clearly hear in this release. The catchiness makes that you feel at ease with it sooner than later and although it is a bit too cliché the guys are not dreading an experiment here and there. I hope they keep that going, for it gives them a bit more of an own face. The guitars are quite upfront they draw a bit too much attention, leaving the sound as a whole getting a bit distracted, but with some aggressive vocals the guys are making it up and give some strength and body to all the melodics that this album gives you.
Looking at songs that stand out most in this release you come easily to a track called “Fallen Angels” which has a chorus that you pick up soon. So before you know it you are humming along and that makes the song suitable for a single or a video in case the guys have thought of making one.

As a whole the album shows a good start for the guys. Somewhat commercial sound perhaps, but it feels like the guys are still searching for that item that makes it Coffeinne and then a way to highlight that further. But that will surely come together in a second release.

Line up:
Alberto Muñoz – Bass
Luis “Lucho” Rodríguez – Drums
Sergio Salcedo – Guitars
David Villarreal – Guitars
Iñaki Lazcano – Vocals

coffeinne 01. Fragile
02. Fallen Angel
03. Take This Life
04. Isolated
05. Life in a Showcase
06. Save Me
07. Broken
08. No Escape
09. The Hate Within
10. Circle of Time

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15 June 2017