Norska – Too Many Winters

Norska - Too Many Winters
Label: Brutal Panda Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 26-05-2017
Sludge rockers Norska, born in 2004, have their base in the US. The guys are releasing their second album “Too Many Winters” right now.

“Samhain” starts the album off. It is a rather dynamic song that is probably not the most accessible of the release, but worth to keep your attention at. The band plays a bit with the tensions and that is exactly what we expect but the way the songs evolves towards the end is interesting. Not really a song we thought as an opener, but when the rest is following the whole comes into perspective.
Have no illusion though, the albums start is as sinister as the rest. The doom and drone is somewhat psychedelic. The guys are maybe giving a hint of light in the darkness but never give you enough to get out of their darkness. When you are trapped you remain there. The tease if there, a near escape can be found halfway, but a Stockholm syndrome to their sound is holding you back.
“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is slightly different, the whole seem to give a bit more air and with some vocal variations this song is a bit of a breakpoint in the release, giving you just what you need to avoid the whole becomes too much alike .

After that the guys go on with the heavier side of them until they release you back to the world again. “Too Many Winters” is a release that captivates you. You have to be open for their dark world, but the guys are worth it, taking it a notch deeper than many others do. A nice release for the guys!

Norska 01. Samhain
02. Eostre
03. Too Many Winters
04. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
05. Wave of Regrets
06. Fire Patience Backbone

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14 June 2017