Traumer – The Great Metal Storm

Traumer – The Great Metal Storm
Label: Fastball Music
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-06-2017
on making Power Metal. The band formed in 2009 and about 5 years later their debut album “The Great Metal Storm”came out. They now re-release it for some more international attention.

As I asked a friend to put up an album from the to-do stash while I was in another room, I really thought he made a mistake and took something out of my collection. Traumer, appears to be a blueprint of the stereotype. Now we all know that there are already a lot of cliché to be found in this genre, but Traumer is really happy to stash all that together and keep it
Skillful then? Well yes, but in a way that you say: they play the notes, but on the composing they simply borrow too much from others, which could lead to just imitating the whole.

The album self is not bad to listen to, it flows and you can enjoy some Power Metal, but fans of the genre may not really see a need to have this one in their collection. Yet, we have to be aware that before writing this band off that it is their debut from three years ago. A new one has already been out and perhaps they have created more a face of their own by now. We can’t say…

Traumer – The Great Metal Storm 1. Phantasia
2. The Great Metal Storm
3. Gates of Freedom
4. Pandora
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Nights of Babylon
7. Don’t You Cry
8. Enjoy Your Paradise
9. Another Sun (Chasing Sunrise)
10. Eleazar
11. Ride My Way

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06 June 2017