The Silent Wedding – Enigma Eternal

The Silent Wedding - Enigma Eternal
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 01-06-2017
Greek formation The Silent Wedding makes Heavy Metal with a bit oof Power Metal. They founded in 2006 and are seeking some world wide attention with the release of their second full length album “Enigma Eternal”.

They are quite melodic, heavy metal with a catchy vibe so to say. From the beginning they draw your attention with edgy guitarriffs and well thought compositions, Bringing in a bit of surprise here and there, especially on the vocals makes that they are standing above the average of what we get in at this genre. A bit more inventive, just the way we like it. Sure, it is not completely new under the sun, but you wil easily enjoy Here and there the band throws in a good solo for you to enjoy, highlighting their skills pretty well.
When the guys slow it down a bit on the ballad “Loneliness” you realize that the variation in this album is giving you different sides of a band, but they still bring in with a red thread through it.

The Silent Wedding has a sound of their own, “Enigma Eternal” proves that wildly. Quality and a face of their own, make that this release is a good extention of your collection.

Line up:
Marios Karanastasis – Vocals
Jim Katsaros – Guitar
Tom K. – Bass
Renos Lialioutis – Drums
Johnny Thermos – Keys

the-silent-wedding 01. A Living Experiment
02. Shadows And Dust
03. What Lies Beyond
04. Insanity
05. The Endless Journey
06. A Dream Of Choices
07. Loneliness
08. Under The Veil Of Grey
09. Catharsis
10. Closer To The End
11. Silence
12. Hands Of Fate

The Silent Wedding

05 June 2017