Lovex – Dust Into Diamonds

Lovex - Dust Into Diamonds
Label: Optical / H'art & Kontor
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 02-06-2017

Based in Tampere, Finland, Lovex released their debut album back in 2006. “Divine Insanity” became a Gold Record in Finland. Each of the five released singles debuted in the Top 3 of the Finnish charts, with Guardian Angel going as high as #1. The album was released in Germany shortly after, with the album debuting at #20 on the German album charts and Guardian Angel at #22 on the German single charts.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Lovex are now releasing their Best-Of album “Dust Into Diamonds”, including some of their greatest hits and five new and never before released tracks, which have been recorded over the past twelve months in the Finnish countryside. The album comes with twenty-one songs. Each one of the songs is catchy and will get stuck in your head. The songs easily fade in with the background. The album has a great balance between slower and faster songs. Some to sway along to, some to jump along to. So the perfect album for all times, all emotions and situations.

Lovex is celebrating their tenth anniversary. Celebrate it with the boys and get “Dust Into Diamonds” now. Enjoy this collection of their best songs.

Lovex - Dust Into Diamonds Tracklist:
01. Dust Into Diamonds new song
02. Fight Back new song
03. The Game new song
04. Action
05. Don Juan
06. Miracle
07. Slave For The Glory
08. U.S.A.
09. Watch Out!
10. Take A Shot
11. Turn
12. Bleeding
13. Guardian Angel
14. Bleeding
15. Anyone Anymore
16. California
17. Screw You
18. Without The Cause
19. Larger Than Lie
20. Born This Way
21. I Still Miss You


02 June 2017