Seether – Poison The Parish

Seether – Poison The Parish
Label: Spinefarm / Canine Riot / Concord
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 12-05-2017

Seether is a South African rock band founded in May 1999 in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. The band originally performed under the name Saron Gas until 2002, when they adopted the Seether name. “Disclaimer” is their original album and major label debut. They gained mainstream popularity in 2002 with their US Active Rock number one single “Fine Again”, and their success was sustained in 2004 with the single “Broken” which peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. They have experienced continued success with number one hits on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart such as “Remedy”, “Fake It”, “Country Song” and “Words as Weapons”.

Now, Seether is back and has a brand new album out. “Poison The Parish” is the name of this masterpiece. It comes with twelve songs. Each one of them is coming with a story that is worth listening to. The arrangements are strong and rough. So are the vocals. The music sounds like the perfect grunge music from the 90s. And yet, the album is timeless. The rhythms will get you nodding along to the music. It will be hard not to. The riffs are strong and distorted. The vocals are direct and vary between sung and slightly shouted.

Seether is back. With “Poison The Parish” the band picks up right where they left it. This is an album all you grunge fans out there must own. So go ahead and get it now!

Seether – Poison The Parish Tracklist:
01.  Stoke the Fire
02.  Betray and Degrade
03.  Something Else
04.  I’ll Survive
05.  Let You Down
06.  Against the Wall
07.  Let Me Heal
08.  Saviours
09.  Nothing Left
10. Count Me Out
11. Emotionless
12.  Sell My Soul


12 May 2017