Dockerrock – Dockerrock

Dockerrock - Dockerrock
Label: Alster Records / Timezone & Believe Digital
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 05-05-2017

Dockerrock is a German cover band from Hamburg, Germany. For the past decade, the band has covered songs. Now, Dockerrock has a new album out. All with brand new songs of their own. It is a self titled album and comes with twelve songs.

Each song is filled with a tremendous amount of passion and energy. The arrangements are grand and the vocals remind of 80s rock music. Most lyrics are in English, except for “Für einen Moment”. That song is in German. The choruses are meant to be sung along by you. The lyrics during most choruses are easy to memorize and repetitive to get everyone singing along. The music on this album is timeless and includes wide arrangements. You can clearly hear the musical influences of the band Dockerrock on this album. These influences are still strong in each arrangement, as well as the vocal style.

From covers to their own music. Dockerrock is trying to get their own groove on and to find their own sound. With this self titled album, the band is getting their first steps on this matter. Lets see where this will lead them. Until then, check out their self titled album “Dockerrock”.

Dockerrock - Dockerrock Tracklist:
01. Dockerrock
02. Everything Is Alright
03. You
04. Just for a Moment
05. Familypower
06. Devil Woman
07. He Is on Fire
08. My Support
09. Barbecue with Good Friends
10. Feel My Rhythm
11. Für einen Moment
12. My Support (Acoustic)


05 May 2017