Stahlmann – Bastard

Stahlmann - Bastard
Label: AFM Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 16-06-2017

Stahlmann is a German band that formed in 2008 in Göttingen, Germany. It is in the genre of Neue Deutsche Härte. Martin Soer, the vocalist of the band, met Alexander Scharfe, the guitarist, and both soon realized that they like the same kind of music, Neue Deutsche Härte. Later that year, they started the band, Stahlmann, and started writing their own songs.

Now, Stahlmann has a new album out. “Bastard” is the name of this masterpiece. It comes with ten songs. Each one of them includes German lyrics. Strong rock music comes blasting at you after pressing play and will continue until the last note has ceased. Each song comes with brilliant arrangements that are short of nothing. “Bastard” has an evil and determined touch to it. Strong and harsh music is pushing you through this album. And will get you nodding or tapping along at least. March along with each of the ten songs on “Bastard”.

The Germans from Stahlmann have a new album out. “Bastard” is the name of this piece of music that will grab a hold of you and will not let go until the end. Let Stahlmann take over and enjoy this brand new piece of music.

Stahlmann - Bastard Tracklist:
01. Leitwolf
02. Judas
03. Bastard
04. Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei
05. Wächter
06. Von Glut Zu Asche
07. Alptraum
08. Dein Gott
09. Schwarz Und Weiss
10. Supernova


16 June 2017