Faunshead – Can’t Dance

Faunshead - Can't Dance
Label: Bellfire Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 28-04-2017

Faunshead is a Berlin based rock band founded in 2014 by Matt Norman, a musician from New York living in Europe to study music with an appetite for loud Rock & Roll.  In Berlin Matt (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) met Francesco Fusco (lead guitar) an Italian guitarist who studied at the Berkley music school, Duarte Azevedo (bass) a portugese devotee of the great John Paul Jones and Stefan Bregenzer a Young drum prodigy from south Tyrol with an immesurable love for Queens of the Stone Age.

This is the brand new album of Faunshead. “Can’t Dance” is the name of this beauty. Coming with eleven songs, this music will twist your mind. Each song is having its own dynamic. The rhythms are constantly changing and are yet hypnotic in how repetitive they can be. The lyrics are absolutely intense. With emotion but even more passion, the singer is telling stories. Each track is causing images to come to life in your mind.

Eleven songs with amazing arrangements is what you will find on “Can’t Dance”. Take your time to fully focus on the music and get lost in it. You will not regret it. Check out the new album by Faunshead.

Faunshead - Can't Dance Tracklist:
01. The Party
02. Can’t Dance
03. Down The Line
04. Everything Is Anything
05. Nosferatu
06. Lighthouse
07. Night Crawl
08. Wicked
09. We’re Focused
10. Captain Jack
11. Feather


28 April 2017