We Ride – Empowering Life

We Ride - Empowering Life
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 14-04-2017
Label: Victory Records

Formed by singer Mimi Telmo and guitarist Borja Trigo on the streets of Vigo, Spain, the roots of We Ride grew quickly, as Telmo and Trigo became entrenched in the local hardcore scene. The addition of drummer Brais Lomba and second guitarist Nuno Alves was not far behind. Already well anchored in the local hardcore scene, bassist Bastian Rodriguez left his music academy teaching role to fill out We Ride.

Now these guys have a brand new album out. “We Ride” is the name of that beauty. The album comes with ten songs. Each song is intense. Pushing forward and kicking some ass. We Ride created some fast rhythms and strong melodies that will get you going along or make you. The vocals are mainly shouted and add an aggressive touch to the music. For the choruses the vocals are backed up by clean vocals. The drums are played fast while the guitar riffs are playing melodies that create a hypnotizing rhythm.

We Ride have a new album out. “Empowering Life” is the name of this release. It comes with ten songs that pull you along and kick ass. So get this album, turn up the volume and play it loud. You will love it.

We Ride - Empowering Life Tracklist:
01. Voices
02. Self Made
03. What You Are
04. Time Is Now
05. Do It All Again
06. Summer
07. I’mpossible
08. Everybody Matters
09. Endless Hopes
10. Hands Off


19 April 2017